New Photographs coming soon…

Beached Boat

Hi there.

I am starting to think about the next (and last, I think) set of photos from the Merimbula trip. Beached Boat (MB2022.07) is now available in Standard Quality mugs, and the High Quality version of the 443ml mug. The 325ml High Quality mug is coming soon. Sadly the different producers require different image dimensions for the different mug sizes. I cannot use the same image for any of the mug sizes and have to do each one in their own template. This slows the process down significantly.

Next photo from my Merimbula trip.

I have another 5 images in mind. They are not all suitable dimensions for printing onto mugs, so another set of six mugs won’t happen, unfortunately. I expect to be able to produce posters for all of them, as well has having the raw images available for purchase.

My Patreon patrons will get a sneak peak for a week, before I release them on the website. I hope to do a simultaneous release of the images to Instagram and Pinterest as well if I can make the technology work for me…

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